Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the conception, design, operation, and manufacturing of robots. This branch deals with the design, construction, use to control robots, sensory feedback and information processing. These are some technologies that will replace humans and human activities in the coming years.
The main difference from others is that we focus mainly on the practical sessions to competent in the industrial era and also on the various new concepts from the novice itself.

Course Highlights:

• Robotics architecture
• Electronics circuit designing and PCB designing
• Advanced concepts on C programming and Embedded c programming
• Understanding concepts on Linux programming
• Designing of circuits using various software like Proteus and Eagle
• Microcontrollers- Arduino, PIC, and Raspberry pi Advanced concepts
• Python Programming methodologies
• Basic to advanced concepts on robotics development and deep learning
• Understanding artificial neural networks and IoT concepts

Course Duration : 700 hrs, 5hrs/day, 5days in week